Prearrangements Are Becoming More Commonplace

More often people are deciding to do some level of pre-planning of their funeral services. This can be as simple as getting some preferences down on paper, more extensive planning or prefunding the expense as part of an overall financial planning strategy. In any case, there is as much flexibility to this process as a family or individual desires. If circumstances change or preferences change, pre-planned services can easily take into account those changes.

One of Glueckert Funeral Homes’ Managers and Funeral Director, Tom Gotlund, is a specialist in Pre-planning. “People want to be comfortable with our staff, our facility and their decisions. We’re there to answer the questions” states Tom, adding “there is a sense of relief among many people feeling they’ve taken a burden away from their family by prearranging”.

You can get more information on pre-planning, or speak to one of our pre-arrangement specialists at no charge or obligation by (clicking here)

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