Holiday Remembrance Service Kare 9 Dogs



We had some extra special greeters at our Remembrance Service this year! 


In addition to the Glueckert Family Members and our Professional Staff, the receiving line for our Holiday Remembrance Service included a quartet of members from the Kare 9 Military Ministry; namely Brutus, Blitz, Brandy and Susie.


Our theme this year of Comfort, Hope & Gift were carried out by our guest hosts in their special way, which may have included a “friendly lick hello” in return for the favor of a loving pet from attendees.


Lutheran Church Ministries of Northbrook operates the Kare 9 Military Ministry for Veterans and the handlers are also Veterans. Their mission is to strive to serve active-duty military, Veterans and their families at various Veteran events and venues in the region.

The Kare 9 Dogs have been with us here at Glueckert Funeral Home for our sponsored events all year, including our entry in the Arlington Heights Memorial Day Parade, our annual coach trip to Abraham Lincoln Cemetery we sponsor for Veterans and their families as well as our Holiday Remembrance Service.


“At our Holiday Remembrance Service, it can be very difficult for families who’ve lost loved ones recently. Upon entering and experiencing these beautiful dogs full of affection, it just seems to offer immediate comfort to our guests. We were so happy to have them as part of the service” said Jackie Glueckert, coordinator of the event.


While Susie is a bit of a Diva, all 4 of our guests agreed to a group photo!


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