Glueckert Family receives 2016 ‘Heart of Gold’ Award for Business Leader in Arlington Heights.


Glueckert Funeral Home, Arlington Heights IL 2016 Hearts of Gold AwardPictured L to R: Matt Ottaviano, Marcie Glueckert-Heidkamp, Jackie Glueckert, John W. Glueckert, Jr.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


And so it was, on the evening of February 20, 2016, that Matt Ottaviano of the Special Events Commission presented the beautiful crystal award to the Glueckert Family for their service to the community. Accepting were Jackie Glueckert,Marcie Glueckert-Heidkamp, and John W. Glueckert Jr. Only a short distance away, beaming, were Rosanna and John W. Glueckert Sr. proud parents and founders of the Funeral Home.

Several volunteers were honored in different categories of service from Education, to Community Service to Young at Heart to Beautification. Said Steve Fromm, Chairman of the Special Events Commission, “In a City of nearly 80,000 residents, a few each year are nominated and honored for going above and beyond in their service to our community”.

Cited for among other events and activities were the sponsoring of the Honor Flag Unit in the Memorial Day Parade honoring living and deceased veterans and families, an annual educational tour of Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL, for veterans and families that includes transportation in a luxury coach bus and lunch, and their annual Holiday Remembrance Service and Memorial Tree Customized ornaments for anyone in the community celebrating the memory of a loved one.

The Glueckert Family was also recognized for “Rest in His Arms”, a group dedicated to providing Christian services and burials for abandoned babies. They have also been strong participants in Relay for Life, Rotary Club, Salute, and Arlington Park’s Trunk ‘n Treat. In the City of Good Neighbors, this family is involved.

Jackie Glueckert, coordinator of the events for the Community and Special Events at Glueckert Funeral Home reminded the large audience at Rolling Green Country Club, “When we speak of the Glueckert Family, we include our wonderful and dedicated staff, who are our family, and are key participants in all of these events. All of them and their wonderful spouses and children are involved with 3 generations of our family. We’re proud of everyone connected with our business and we’re deeply proud to be part of the City of Arlington Heights. To be recognized along with so many other remarkable people here in the city fills our hearts and humbles us. It is an amazing honor we all appreciate beyond words.”


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