Pink Up! If we’re wearing pink ties, and our cars have pink flags, Stand with us!



If we lose a loved one to Breast Cancer, it heightens our awareness of how important it is to continue to find a cure to this disease that takes our mothers, daughters and sisters away from us too soon. As a way to honor one of our colleagues, Glueckert Funeral Home began to wear pink ties or scarves and add pink ribbon flags on our cars when we performed services for a loved one who died of Breast Cancer. Making a statement among those survivors and those fighting this disease was important to us. No matter how much time it takes, we’re going to beat this disease. And until we do, we proudly “pink up” in solidarity with everyone fighting the fight and everyone who lost a loved one to this disease.


For any question you may have, at-need or pre-planning services you may need, call us any time of day or night at 847-253-0168 or
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