The Glueckert Family Made It Very Comfortable For Us. We as a Family Appreciated That


The McLaughlin Family moved away from Arlington Heights to McHenry several years ago. When Joan made arrangements for her husband Jim, she wanted to make it easier for family friends in Arlington Heights and McHenry. The Visitation was in Arlington Heights and the following day a service was held in McHenry. It meant everything to the family to be able to share the celebration of Jim’s life in both communities that were home to them. The Glueckert Family understands that today people may consider “home” to be more than one place, so they stand ready to accommodate whatever families need in order to feel the most comfort possible. As Joan McLaughlin states, “I can’t say that a visitation can be enjoyable, but in this case, they made it very comfortable for us and we, as a family, we really appreciated that.” There is joy in the fellowship of others from all of your home towns.


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