Glueckert FH Holiday Remembrance 2016


“It’s our opportunity to let our families know how much they mean to us” says Jackie Glueckert of the Holiday Remembrance Ceremony that is an annual event at Glueckert Funeral Home the first Saturday of each December.

“People tell us how much it means to them. It means every bit as much to us here” confirms John Glueckert, Jr.

“To see everyone again comforting one another is special. We look forward to this all year” adds Marcie Glueckert Heidkamp.

Every family who entrusts their loved one to the Glueckert Family and the professional staff there is special to us. This ceremony gives us another opportunity to celebrate the lives of our loved ones and the families we serve. It is such a privilege and an honor for us to assist families at difficult times. Our Holiday Remembrance is meant to offer some strength to families coping with loss, and we know the most difficult steps many people take are the ones back into a funeral home after a loss. When people leave this ceremony with a sense of a burden being lifted, even a little bit, we realize that the journey is continuing and the occasions to celebrate loved ones are special. So, join us every time. We love having your loved one’s ornament on our tree through the holidays. We love seeing all of you again. We’re honored by you! Thank you.


Save the date for 2017. December 2, 2017.


Call 847-253-0168 or visit:


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