The Most Important Thing We Do Is Listen.

At Glueckert Funeral Home, our professional Funeral Directors and Staff are there to listen. Glueckert Funeral Home Manager Matt Bennett states “the objective is to serve families to the highest capacity”. And the way to do that; is to listen. We have the opportunity to customize your service in your desire to honor your loved one in the most memorable way. When families make funeral arrangements, a lot of valuable and important information is shared. It is in those precious moments that we have a unique and wonderful opportunity to know and understand the loved one being celebrated and honored. So, we do a lot of listening. For Matt, “the big reward is being able to listen and take that information and sharing and turn their services into exactly what that family wants them to be”.

The entire staff at Glueckert Funeral Home is dedicated to specializing the services you are planning to be unique and personal to the life you are celebrating. When a family entrusts us with this very important responsibility, we’re honored. It is our mission to go above and beyond in any manner we can to accommodate our families. So tell us everything. We’re listening.

Contact Glueckert Funeral Home for any information or questions you may have about our, at-need,  or pre-planning call 847-253-0168 or visit our website.

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