It’s hard to imagine a more perfect day and setting for our participation in the Arlington Heights Memorial Parade. Approximately 200 people from the community, scout troops, high school, and community organizations joined us in honoring our heroes who served our nation. Seeing all the Salutes, and hands on hearts along the route, and robust applause with every advance was a remarkably emotional experience; enough to give us all goosebumps as we made our way to Memorial Park for the solemn and patriotic service.

At a brief pause on Dunton Street, there was an amazing moment. While standing in place, waiting to advance, a warm breeze gusted toward us allowing the hundreds of US Flags in our possession to completely unfurl and wave in full glory to the delight of the crowd several rows deep on each side of the street. As if time stood still, while God truly shed his Grace, and His Breath on Thee; All of Thee! Moments like these are what make our community so special and the members of our community so grateful for having this wonderful event every Memorial Day!

Flags 2017 MD Parade

With 200 volunteers, there were a lot of heartwarming stories told and shared at the parade. One story of Seth Beasley, who’s lifelong dream was to be in the US Navy. He accomplished that dream in January of 2015. He graduated boot camp in March of 2015. Seth was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in July of the same year. Seth’s memory and devotion to the US Navy are being kept alive with family, friends and fellow military families taking a picture, with his picture and posting on Facebook at Live On Sailor, or his mom’s page Jamee Hazzard Booth. This handsome young sailor who left us too soon was well remembered and photographed this past Memorial Day.

Our family is committed to sponsoring this entry each year and providing banners for every hero who has served our nation. We’re grateful to every community organization, civic organization, Scouts, our Comfort Dogs, and every member of the community who spend the time with us to help demonstrate our thanks to those who have fought for our freedom and made so many sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives.

Thank you. Two hundred times and then some. Thank you!

The Glueckert Family


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