From the moment we answer the phone, our service starts.


“Our goal is to serve the family in the manner they wish. In fact, that’s our mission”, states John W. Glueckert, Jr. speaking on behalf of his entire family and professional staff.

The most important reason people choose would Glueckert Funeral Home is because they feel comfortable here. ‘Funeral Home’ is two words, and the “Home” portion is the most important. The mission is to ensure that while a family is here that they treat it as if they were home and they feel at home.  Making people feel comfortable is our mission here.

When people require our service, it’s during the most stressful days of their lives. We do everything we can to make things a little easier for the families we serve. We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on greeting family and friends and celebrating the life of your loved one. We want our home to be your home.

For any information regarding funeral services or pre-planning, please (click here)  We’ll be here for you.

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