“Like your home, the doors of our home are open to your family and friends. That’s how we want our families to feel”. Those are the words of Marcie Glueckert-Heidcamp, who shares how her entire family feels about every family they are privileged to serve. Knowing that making a family comfortable is the most important mission during difficult times, the environment is carefully considered for comfort, for privacy and lending a beautiful space to encourage sharing. We have two separate lounges for families to get some refreshments and some relief during a service. Our furniture is chosen to be comfortable for your guests. We maintain a large parking lot with easy access to multiple entrances and full handicap access to our chapels, lounges, and restrooms. We’re frequently addressing every decor, finish and fixture in the building with our families in mind. Marcie shares that “we try to think of everything, but just in case, we’re always still listening”.

To see images of our facility (click here)

And, if you need our family, we’ll be there for you. Whether it’s At-Need, or Pre-Planning, feel free to contact us at 847.253.0168 or http://www.glueckertfuneral.com

To Connect with Glueckert Funeral Home:

Website: http://www.glueckertfuneralhome.com/

Blog: https://glueckertfh.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlueckertFuneralHome

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlueckertFH

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