Funeral Care that Creates a Beautiful Memory Picture.


“The very first thing we noticed and felt, was just how beautiful my mom looked”

Barb Clement and her husband Dave knew the difficult health struggles Barb’s mom had during her last few months of life with frequent visits to hospital and rehab. Dave was very close to Barb’s mom Gloria and spent a lot of time with her during her long and trying illnesses. The Glueckert Family took care of Barb’s father many years before, and they knew they could entrust them again when Gloria passed away. What was most striking to Barb and Dave was how beautiful Gloria looked and how important that would be to her. The Glueckert Family understands how important this is to every family and that in their final remembrance they can keep the memory of “beautiful”. That is our mission with every family we serve.

Dave’s response was “I couldn’t imagine referring friends or family to anyone else. From the start to the service, all the way through to seeing Gloria looking so beautiful”, they took amazing care of us. Again.”

For funeral arrangement information, at need, or pre-planning, please feel free to contact us at 847-253-0168 or

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