The Greatest Benefit of Pre-Planning Is To Start The Dialogue

Those are the words of a very experienced Funeral Director, Chris Mayer of Glueckert Funeral Home. By starting the dialogue, people and families have all of the options that are available to them. From there, families can decide what options they desire, and how they would like their arrangements to be carried out.
In the Financial Planning space, Pre-Planning is becoming an important component of the process for people from a financial perspective, but even more important, this is removing a burden from loved ones who have absolutely certain information on file as to what their loved one desired. The important issues and choices were made by the person who mattered most.
At Glueckert Funeral Home, you are always welcome to a complimentary, and no obligation consultation with Chris Mayer, or any of our Professional Funeral Directors about Pre-Planning or At-Need Arrangements. We’re always here.

Feel free to contact us at 847.253.0168 or Our promise is to be there for you.

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