Funeral Director Chris Mayer of Glueckert Funeral Home states it very well: “When it comes to pre-planning, the greatest benefit is; that it starts a dialogue. People have a lot of options and frankly a number of decisions to make.  Pre-Planning most often involves a person assisting in making decisions for themselves, which helps the loved ones around them know they are making the choices their loved one preferred. Many Financial Planners include pre-need discussions and plans in their portfolios. It’s sound financial planning and more importantly it offers a high level of peace of mind to your family. 

At Glueckert Funeral Home, you are always welcome to a complimentary, and no obligation consultation with Chris Mayer, or any of our Professional Funeral Directors about Pre-Planning or At-Need Arrangements. We’re always here.

Feel free to contact us at 847.253.0168 or Our promise is to be there for you.

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