It isn’t unusual to see generous family members sending flowers to Memorial Services of Loved ones. We have many services with many beautiful displays. 

Recently a family who were born in Japan and have many relatives there trusted us with a Memorial Service for a loving wife and mother, business associate and business owner. And a very dear friend to many more. Many “of the many” were an ocean apart when they were made aware of the passing of their dear friend. Glueckert Funeral Home maintains its own exclusive Flower Service and were advised early on that the flower response could be quite a bit larger than the norm. In consultation with her provider Jim, Jackie Glueckert assured them they would do everything possible to meet the demand and exceed their expectations of quality. 

Then the orders started arriving. And arriving. And kept arriving!  By the day of the Memorial Service, there were 140 large pedestal displays, baskets, easel sprays, and urn sprays to be created and delivered. Every piece was a display piece. There is a tradition in her home country of providing a lush array of flowers for these services. Meeting the desire for this tradition required remarkable logistics from collating the orders to ensure none were missed, rechecking them daily, ordering the flowers to create the arrangements, and finally delivering them to the chapel and making sure every one of them included the associated cards and wishes included from the families and friends abroad! 

In total, the delivery of all these displays required 7 vehicles (including 2 of the Glueckert family’s full size delivery vans) making 3 trips the day prior and 3 full size delivery vans the day of the memorial to finish up. Jackie’s son Riley and his girlfriend Brooke did amazing job,  driving and filling 2 of the vans, and the flower personnel worked both endsloading and unloading, doing some finishing touches and repair work, and helping to place individual cards and ribbons on every single piece. Because of the nature of the size and scope of this panoramic display, which would fill 3 chapel spaces and the full length of the lobby area, every person assisting understood the special and unique circumstance they were in and were in full anticipation of what the appearance would be when all of the pieces were properly placed. 

Wow. Just wow. No video or pictures could do justice to the environment that was created. We were proud of the fact we were able to provide this family what they desired and asked for. We’ve never seen anything like this before. But when we did….we knew we were seeing something special. It was amazing. It’s likely this experience has taught us something about what can be accomplished when so many dedicated people rise to the occasion to honor the request of a family, whose family and friends are half a world apart, yet still forever in their hearts! 

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