The Glueckert Family and Staff ensure every Veteran receives their Earned Benefits

The Glueckert Family has a strong commitment to Veterans in their community. In addition to sponsoring an entry in the Memorial Day parade with honor banners representing the loved ones and active members of our military, each September, Glueckert Funeral Home also sponsors a bus coach trip and tour or Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. The tradition of service in Arlington Heights and the surrounding communities is something is the Glueckert Family is dedicated to preserving. That includes ensuring that each and every Veteran is aware of, and receives the earned benefits of their service.

Kathy Borresen’s father was a Veteran. Kathy explains how the Glueckert Family assisted her in locating her fathers’ DD-214, and arranged the Military honors for his funeral services at Glueckert.  When she couldn’t locate  her father’s Discharge Document (DD-214) among his papers, she stated “Sam went to town finding them, by calling Washington DC and the Veteran’s Administration to locate the documents so my father could have all of the military benefits as part of his service. They always seem to extend beyond what you might expect”. Veterans are a special group among us. Honoring their service all the way to their final resting place is a privilege and a duty. We’re honored by the families who choose us to take care of their loved ones who served us.

Veterans are entitled to burial services at no cost at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery  in Elwood, Illinois. (or any National Cemetery where space is available) The benefit also extends to a Veteran’s spouse.

If you are interested in learning more about veteran earned benefits or would like to be included in Veterans programs offered by Glueckert Funeral Home, please contact Jackie Glueckert at 847-253-0168. Or for any information on Pre-Need, At-Need Services or questions you may have, contact us at 847-253-0168 or visit

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At Glueckert Funeral Home, we were brought up to be involved in our community.

From the time the Glueckert children were very young, John and Rosanna Glueckert ensured the entire family was involved in the community. They stressed that sense of community in John, Marcie and Jackie from the beginning. So, it’s not surprising that the entire family and staff at Glueckert Funeral Home are very involved in all kinds of activities, programs, groups and activities around town. Arlington Height’s motto is ‘City of Good Neighbors’, and the businesses and the people there live up to that promise! Glueckert Funeral Home sponsors events all year round, including the Memorial Day Flag Unit in the parade, Relay for Life, Bus Tour of Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery for Veterans, a Holiday Remembrance Service and many other charitable events and drives throughout the community. The family and staff are members in the service organizations in town; Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, local PTAs and other organizations. They treasure all the relationships and friendships that have grown from being involved.

And, if you need our family, we’ll be there for you. Whether it’s At-Need, or Pre-Planning, feel free to contact us at 847.253.0168 or

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Our Dad would have loved and been humbled by the kindness.

John W. Glueckert lived an unassuming life. He took people and things at face value and spared no kindness for anyone who crossed his path. He was nice to everyone. It was just his nature. That was never more clear to all of us than when we celebrated a life that was even more remarkable than we knew.

It started with so many notes, texts, posts, and phone calls to offer comfort to our mom and us upon his passing. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. It continued at his Visitation, where hundreds of people filed in a very long line to offer comfort. The amazing fellowship in that line was something to behold. For so many people, who had never met one another, the one thing they had in common on that day was their desire to honor our father and provide comfort to our family. We could feel that through the entirety of a day that while long, seemed to pass in the blink of an eye for our family. Hearing familiar stories, and so many that were new to us brought us a level of joy we wouldn’t have ever expected. Our family and extended family brought us comfort. So many friends we see often, and some we haven’t seen for a long time were there for us. Amazingly, we met people who didn’t know our father personally, hadn’t met him, but knew of him or read his obituary online or in the newspaper and wanted to pay their respects! The powerful spirit of that kind of love and respect will never be lost on us. It’s still tingles.

To all those generous and loving souls who stood in line for over an hour at our dad’s visitation and did so with such a wonderful spirit and maintaining lively and lovely conversation with one another, we cannot be more thankful to you. Our father would be so pleased know of the friendships that were kindled there.

St. James Church was our father’s home parish for life. He loved his parish. We’re forever grateful for the kind words of Fr. Zavaski, who’s homily was heartfelt and so revealing of the wonderful relationship our dad had with him. Deacon Pierce Sheehan had been a frequent visitor of our father during his lengthy illness. We share a very special bond with the Celebrant, Fr. Matt Foley, who’s touching words will be etched into our memories forever. His recounting of our father’s legacy in ministering to people who experienced loss and his words of kindness toward us in continuing that legacy were as touching a tribute as can ever be. All of the priests and deacons on the altar lost a loved one, just as we did, and it so visibly showed. We are grateful.

To all of the wonderful people who joined us at the Mass of the Resurrection, we are thankful. It’s truly awe-inspiring to all of us. Everyone’s lives are so busy, and to have so many people in church on a Friday at noon to help us celebrate our father’s life is another memory that will remain with us forever.

Our faith tells us where our father is now. Reuniting with so many loved members of his family and so many families he assisted over many years is a wonderful image. For our dad’s sake, we hope there are some Triple Crown winners there too. Even some who Placed or Showed, he loved them all!

Our deepest gratefulness to all who provided us the comfort and love that helped us honor our father. We’re sure he loved and appreciated every moment.

John, Marcie & Jackie