Our 2019 Honor Banner Entry in Arlington Heights Centennial Memorial Day Parade

Arlington Cares!

It was never so evident that Arlington does care, with the amazing parade and tribute to fallen veterans and those who wear our country’s uniform in the name of Protecting our Freedom everyday. All over the world. That’s a sacrifice we recognize every day, but honor particularly on Memorial Day.
The Centennial Parade and Service was smiled upon with absolutely gorgeous weather for the public events. While the skies opened up later in the day, the weather cooperated during the official events for thousands upon thousands of spectators who enthusiastically cheered, (roared even!) along the parade route.
With nearly 200 volunteers in our Honor Banner Entry, we were able to honor every veteran by representing them with a banner on a family member or volunteer. From the littlest children, to hearty seniors who marched with us, the sea of Red, White & Blue never looked so glorious as we passed through downtown on our way to Memorial Park. The energy from the crowd of neighbors and visitors was more than 10 deep along the route, as far as the eye can see.
Arlington Heights is our home. We’re always proud to be members of this community. But, on days like these, it’s even more special. When the public festivities were completed, an hour or so later the skies opened up and the rain came. Some old soldiers believe that “rain symbolizes the tears for those who’ve gone before us and offered up the ultimate sacrifice”. After 100 years of sacrifice from this community and every community in our blessed country, it’s easy to believe that every veteran was recognized with those tears.
Thank you to every neighbor, friend, group and the organizers for this wonderful event. We did the “Community of Good Neighbors” proud!
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