Our 2019 Honor Banner Entry in Arlington Heights Centennial Memorial Day Parade

Arlington Cares!

It was never so evident that Arlington does care, with the amazing parade and tribute to fallen veterans and those who wear our country’s uniform in the name of Protecting our Freedom everyday. All over the world. That’s a sacrifice we recognize every day, but honor particularly on Memorial Day.
The Centennial Parade and Service was smiled upon with absolutely gorgeous weather for the public events. While the skies opened up later in the day, the weather cooperated during the official events for thousands upon thousands of spectators who enthusiastically cheered, (roared even!) along the parade route.
With nearly 200 volunteers in our Honor Banner Entry, we were able to honor every veteran by representing them with a banner on a family member or volunteer. From the littlest children, to hearty seniors who marched with us, the sea of Red, White & Blue never looked so glorious as we passed through downtown on our way to Memorial Park. The energy from the crowd of neighbors and visitors was more than 10 deep along the route, as far as the eye can see.
Arlington Heights is our home. We’re always proud to be members of this community. But, on days like these, it’s even more special. When the public festivities were completed, an hour or so later the skies opened up and the rain came. Some old soldiers believe that “rain symbolizes the tears for those who’ve gone before us and offered up the ultimate sacrifice”. After 100 years of sacrifice from this community and every community in our blessed country, it’s easy to believe that every veteran was recognized with those tears.
Thank you to every neighbor, friend, group and the organizers for this wonderful event. We did the “Community of Good Neighbors” proud!
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Opioid Awareness Week meant purple ribbons everywhere!


The campaign to #KeepAlive2155 was held over an entire week of activities in and around our community of Arlington Heights. Why 2155? The Illinois Dept. of Public Health projects that 2155 Illinois residents will die from an accidental overdose in 2018.  In this spirit, our efforts and our goal is to reduce those numbers and someday eliminate them by training 2155 people (statewide) in overdose prevention and reversal strategies. This includes equipping and providing attendees of the class with Naloxone kits.
We coordinated closely with Live4Lali, an amazing organization working to proactively take on this epidemic; educate, counsel and heal families who are victimized by Opioid Overdosing. We came into contact with Live4Lali during a service at our funeral home for a young man who accidentally overdosed. When the family asked if classes could be held on how to administer Naloxone as part of the visitation services for their son, it made us think hard about how we, the Glueckert Family could get more involved.
We’ve seen too many lives shortened by this terrible addiction. It is emotionally difficult for us too when we are providing services to families who are torn apart by opioid addiction. As most of these victims are young; their services are almost always very large. A large and supportive community has come together to support these families.
Live4Lali worked closely with us to develop a custom program we could conduct during Opioid Awareness Week. During the week, we had 12 training sessions over 5 days on administering Naloxone and gave a kit to each attendee. 110 people came for the training. It was wonderful to see the participation. We know lives will be saved as a result of this training and awareness.   We invite everyone to join us in this effort. For our part, we’ll keep training people and equipping them with Naloxone kits as long as people will keep signing up for classes to help end this epidemic.
Illinois Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti became personally involved in this cause and attended the Friday evening candlelight vigil and ceremony commemorating local lives lost to an accidental drug overdose. So many families victimized by this epidemic were there too. It was sad and beautiful and uplifting all at the same time. Seeing people minister to one another, support each other and share their loving memories of their family members and friends was inspirational.
Our classes were so well attended, we’ve added another one on October 11, 2018, at 6 pm at Glueckert Funeral Home. We already have several sign-ups, and we’re inviting more! Several members of our staff are Certified Trainers in the program. Please join us. Just sign up and we’ll take care of the rest. Our sign up list is linked below.

Funeral Care that Creates a Beautiful Memory Picture.


“The very first thing we noticed and felt, was just how beautiful my mom looked”

Barb Clement and her husband Dave knew the difficult health struggles Barb’s mom had during her last few months of life with frequent visits to hospital and rehab. Dave was very close to Barb’s mom Gloria and spent a lot of time with her during her long and trying illnesses. The Glueckert Family took care of Barb’s father many years before, and they knew they could entrust them again when Gloria passed away. What was most striking to Barb and Dave was how beautiful Gloria looked and how important that would be to her. The Glueckert Family understands how important this is to every family and that in their final remembrance they can keep the memory of “beautiful”. That is our mission with every family we serve.

Dave’s response was “I couldn’t imagine referring friends or family to anyone else. From the start to the service, all the way through to seeing Gloria looking so beautiful”, they took amazing care of us. Again.”

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We Listen



“Our objective is to serve our families to their highest capacity”, states Matthew Bennett, Manager and Funeral Director at Glueckert Funeral Home. Citing a cohesive staff with many specialties and areas of expertise, truly learning what the desires and needs of every family are, Matthew believes this is what separates this Family Funeral Home from others. The “Family” part is vital too. The Glueckert Family is dedicated to their community and the families they have served for generations. This offers Matthew and the entire family and professional staff “the ability, the resources and the freedom to meet all the customized needs a family desires”.

From Matt’s point of view, he calls that a great reward in that he can “listen” to a family and specialize in providing them the services they want and care deeply about.

Whether planning a service at the time of need or pre-planning funeral services, the Glueckert Staff is here to help you, day or night. For more information or to answer any questions you may have feel free to contact us at 847.253.0168 or visit us at www.glueckertfuneralhome.com

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“Like your home, the doors of our home are open to your family and friends. That’s how we want our families to feel”. Those are the words of Marcie Glueckert-Heidcamp, who shares how her entire family feels about every family they are privileged to serve. Knowing that making a family comfortable is the most important mission during difficult times, the environment is carefully considered for comfort, for privacy and lending a beautiful space to encourage sharing. We have two separate lounges for families to get some refreshments and some relief during a service. Our furniture is chosen to be comfortable for your guests. We maintain a large parking lot with easy access to multiple entrances and full handicap access to our chapels, lounges, and restrooms. We’re frequently addressing every decor, finish and fixture in the building with our families in mind. Marcie shares that “we try to think of everything, but just in case, we’re always still listening”.

To see images of our facility (click here)

And, if you need our family, we’ll be there for you. Whether it’s At-Need, or Pre-Planning, feel free to contact us at 847.253.0168 or http://www.glueckertfuneral.com

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Holiday Luminary Remembrance Service

We have the video of our Holiday Luminary Remembrance Service.

We actually have two. One is a two minute recap with some highlights. The other is the full service for all of the families to view. We’re so grateful for the beautiful singing of Tam Conseur and the inspirational words of Reverend James Preston. It was an uplifting night for all of us at Glueckert Funeral Home to celebrate so many loved ones in this most holy season.

The Glueckert Family and Staff ensure every Veteran receives their Earned Benefits

The Glueckert Family has a strong commitment to Veterans in their community. In addition to sponsoring an entry in the Memorial Day parade with honor banners representing the loved ones and active members of our military, each September, Glueckert Funeral Home also sponsors a bus coach trip and tour or Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. The tradition of service in Arlington Heights and the surrounding communities is something is the Glueckert Family is dedicated to preserving. That includes ensuring that each and every Veteran is aware of, and receives the earned benefits of their service.

Kathy Borresen’s father was a Veteran. Kathy explains how the Glueckert Family assisted her in locating her fathers’ DD-214, and arranged the Military honors for his funeral services at Glueckert.  When she couldn’t locate  her father’s Discharge Document (DD-214) among his papers, she stated “Sam went to town finding them, by calling Washington DC and the Veteran’s Administration to locate the documents so my father could have all of the military benefits as part of his service. They always seem to extend beyond what you might expect”. Veterans are a special group among us. Honoring their service all the way to their final resting place is a privilege and a duty. We’re honored by the families who choose us to take care of their loved ones who served us.

Veterans are entitled to burial services at no cost at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery  in Elwood, Illinois. (or any National Cemetery where space is available) The benefit also extends to a Veteran’s spouse.

If you are interested in learning more about veteran earned benefits or would like to be included in Veterans programs offered by Glueckert Funeral Home, please contact Jackie Glueckert at 847-253-0168. Or for any information on Pre-Need, At-Need Services or questions you may have, contact us at 847-253-0168 or visit http://www.glueckertfuneralhome.com

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