Our Desire is to Serve the Families at our Highest Capacity

“What separates us from other funeral homes is our experience listening to families and learning what will personalize their services in the most effective way. We’re here to serve them and make this difficult process as special and meaningful as possible” is how Matthew Bennett, a Manager and very gifted Funeral Director states the mission at Glueckert Funeral Home. He adds that the resources and freedom to meet the family’s desires, along with the strengths of many professionals and colleagues at Glueckert make that mission easier to fulfill. For Matt, that means whatever might be necessary to help a family in their greatest time of need is almost always readily available and able to be provided in the short planning horizon families have to deal with so many important details.

“To be able to listen, understand and then plan and provide the full range of service a family desires sets us apart. That’s a big reward for me in serving these wonderful families.” Glueckert Funeral Home is committed to ensuring this is the case every time you have a need for our service.

Whether planning a service at the time of need or pre-planning funeral services, the Glueckert Staff is here to help you, day or night. For more information or to answer any questions you may have (click here).

Please call 847-253-0168 with any questions you may have.


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Choosing Cremation offers many options for Families.

A number of families today choose Cremation as a final disposition, most often honoring the wishes of their loved one. Families also have a choice of a variety of options that conclude with Cremation. It’s commonplace to have visitations with the loved one present in a casket, or an urn display with a prominent photograph of your loved one. Memorial Services are also gaining popularity as it removes some urgency on the logistics of assembling family and friends on short notice. Glueckert Funeral Home has a special urn carrying device called a “Bennett” which allows for the inclusion of pall-bearers in a ceremony including the urn being transferred at the funeral home, a place of worship and cemeteries.

“Families are extremely pleased and sometimes surprised to learn that many of the services of a traditional service remain available to them when Cremation is chosen as final disposition” states Sam Resch, a long-serving Funeral Director at Glueckert Funeral Home. Sam adds that the Glueckert Family’s mission is to treat every client family like their own family and see to it that we carry out your wishes to our fullest and very best capabilities”. That mission occurs no matter what services a family may choose in saying their final goodbyes to their loved ones. Sam and every member of the Glueckert Family take this mission very seriously. You only have one opportunity to honor a person you’ve loved and lost.

To discuss any questions you may have about Cremation; Direct Cremation, Memorials or any of our services, please call 847-253-0168 or Click Here.

To Connect with Glueckert Funeral Home:

Website: http://www.glueckertfuneralhome.com/
Blog: https://glueckertfh.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlueckertFuneralHome
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlueckertFH